Visionary Award Criteria

A. Purpose

  1. The purpose of this award is to recognize a Global Visionary who has done revolutionary work related to advancements in his or her chosen career. The recipient exhibits creative thinking and a unique approach in career, leading to innovation, and demonstrates leadership and advocacy. He or she has contributed to the advancement global innovation, trade, community service and has demonstrated a positive influence among their colleagues and those they serve. The recipient exhibits exceptional creativity, dedication and leadership in developing and advancing the principles and practice of global trade, peace and harmony.
  2. Award and Citation Given

B. Eligibility & Required Criteria

Written nominations for the Visionary Award can be submitted by any member of outstanding leaders or previous award winners. Nominees complete the Award Application and Biographical Form, and submit along with the nominee’s curriculum vitae.

  1. Leaders in good standing for a minimum of 10 years
  2. Current leadership role in good standing, and have a minimum of 5 cumulative years in leadership role.
  3. Consistent trackrecord of results for 10 years
  4. Three professional letters of recommendation to support the nomination
  5. Has made innovative and creative contributions
  6. Has supported the advancement global trade, peace, community service and harmony.
  7. Has demonstrated leadership abilities and experience and has been a catalyst for positive change

C. Optional Criteria

  1. Founding member of global institution or business.
  2. Leadership and service to distinguished associations.
  3. Volunteer public service to promote global peace, trade and brotherhood.
  4. Published author or Editor
  5. Research Contributor (completed)
  6. Media Contributor
  7. Advanced Education Degree or Credential in Leadership and Business management.
  8. Fellow of Academy of All India Management Association
  9. Professional Awards

D. Procedure and Instructions

  1. Call for nominations for the Visionary Award will be made during years that the Executive Committee so designates.
  2. Leaders are encouraged to nominate qualified peers, using the nomination form. The member making the nomination is responsible for submitting the nomination form, three letters of recommendation and a current curriculum vitae (CV) for the nominee. All application documents should be emailed to members of the Nominating Committee.